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Wavy Hair

Hair Regeneration

Do you suffer from hair loss? No matter what shampoo or product you've tried, your hair has not regrown. Our Exosome Hair Regenerative treatment will help to provide hair growth and thickening. Exosome benefits are similar to PRP, only much more effective and no blood draw needed! Exosome is revolutionary. It's quick, convenient, and there's no downtime.

In the US, 35 million men and 21 million women are experiencing hair loss. Now there’s a way to regain hair density in the comfort of Glow Health Medical Clinic’s office. No surgery or harmful side effects.

Now doctors have discovered new benefits for hair thickening and regrowth and skin rejuvenation. Exosomes are used topically with a microneedling device for hair restoration.

Exosome for hair regrowth will:

  • Increases blood supply to the follicle

  • Increases shaft size (thickness) of the follicle

  • Triggers and maintains the growth phase

  • Controls the hair growth cycle

  • Decreases hair loss

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