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Primary Care Membership and Telemedicine Mill Valley CA

Primary Care Medicine & Membership

Available to see patients throughout California!

Primary care consultation by video, phone, or in-person.


  • Have you ever called your doctor's office and told the next appointment was in 2-3 weeks? 

  • Looking for a doctor while you wait for an "in-network" physician to accept new patients?

We can help get your concerns taken care of when your doctor does not have availability to meet your needs. Access quality care when you need it.  We are here to help with common health issues as they arise.

See services and fees below.  Feel free to call the office with any questions!!

**We can provide "superbill" for possible insurance reimbursement of fee's listed below

**At this time, we are NOT a participating provider with Medicare, but please subscribe to our mailing list and we will update you if this becomes available.

We provide services for primary care common issues such as:​

  • Allergies

  • Anxiety

  • Annual Physical Exam

  • Asthma

  • Back pain

  • Cough

  • Conjunctivitis "pink eye"

  • Depression

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Female Hormone Replacement

  • Joint pain

  • Lab requests

  • Medication requests/refills

  • Sinus infections

  • Thyroid disorders

  • Urinary tract infections

And More!

Fees & Pricing

Consultation Fees​​​​

  • Comprehensive Visit : $325 - $425

    • New patient with Multiple Concerns or Medical Issues

    • Health Review/Annual Physical

    • Skin Screening 

    • Second Opinion, Referral Request.

    • Up to 60 minute visit

    • Email(s): after initial consultation (as above):  email is an option at rate of $50 per email. 

    • Follow-up phone calls to review labs/imaging/referral status - $75

  • New patient initial consultation for SINGLE problem: $250 - $350

  • Mental Health Consult: $275 - $325

  • Sick Visit/Single Complaint AFTER establishing initial visit: $175 - $275


Primary Care Membership   - Best Value! -
--This option allows Dr. Zamorano to assume role of Primary Care Provider. 

$300 per month provides:

  • Two complementary office/video visits over 3 months 

  • Complementary emails, phone/texts per month 

  • Improved Access to Care -Same day, next day appointments

  • No Co-payment for office visits

  • Follow-up on lab/imaging/referrals at no charge

  • Additional office/video follow-up visits if needed at $125 (normally $225 - insurance reimbursement can be requested)

  • 20% off any aesthetic procedure per month (Value up to $100)

  • Botox $12 per unit!

***Credit card will be charged first 3 months ($900 - this includes intake visit), then monthly for $300.

***Cancel after the initial 3 months with 30 day notice. The first 3 months fee ($900) is non-refundable.



Personalized Relationship

Glow Health Medical Clinic Boutique Primary Care aims to transform the relationship between doctor and patient from being simply transactional to being authentic and personal. Dr. Zamorano genuinely wants to get to know you, understand your situation, health challenges and goals. Since the patient load will be smaller, Dr. Zamorano has more time to spend with you during your visits.

Knowledgeable Medical Care

Dr. Zamorano is a Board Certified Family Medicine physician, utilizing evidence based medical guidelines, but tailored specifically to your own medical history, values, and personal health goals. She values time, presence, and compassion. With fewer patients and less paperwork, Dr. Zamorano is able to devote the time spent with you solely on you. That being the case you can take the time you need with relaxed 30-45 minute appointments, and as much as 60 minutes for new patients. 

With all the benefits of boutique primary care at Glow Health Medical Clinic, not only will you receive better healthcare overall, but more importantly, you'll have someone knowledgeable who genuinely cares about your health.

Time Saving Convenience

You value your time so your doctor should value your time. As a patient of Glow Health Medical Clinic, there is rarely any waiting time because the volume of patients is lower. You also have the option for virtual visits. With a personal relationship with your doctor, you won't need to deal with registrations and payments at each visit. It's all covered in your membership


  • We will provide a “superbill” for insurance reimbursement.

  • Payment is due day of service with cash, check, credit card.

Glow Health Medical Clinic is an “out-of-network” provider for all private health insurance companies. Our office will gladly provide you with a billing sheet that you can submit to your insurance provider to possibly obtain out-of-network reimbursement.

At this time, we are not a participating provider with Medicare, but please subscribe to our mailing list and we will update you when this becomes available.

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